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The Basics

 Website Creation & Re-Design

Website Creation & Re-Design


Just opened a new business and need a website? Time to re-think or re-design your existing site to be more polished / modern / professional?
Either way, we’ve got you covered!

Manage Site Content

Manage Site Content


With one of our custom sites, you’ll have access to modify verbiage, imagery and much more with a visual interface and no coding experience required!

Responsive - Universally Compatible

Responsive - Universally Compatible


A responsive website is one that adapts to the screen size of your device for the best possible experience, ALL of the sites we build are responsive!

Why Rapid Solutions?

Since 2005, Rapid Solutions has been helping clients reach their online goals.  We are the quintessential local small American business. With our small efficient and dedicated team we can help your online vison come to fruition in a cost-effective fashion utilizing cutting edge methods.

Our Services

New Website Design

The web is constantly evolving.  Just a few years ago, desktop and laptops dominated internet searches.  Now, with the exponential growth of cell phone and tablet usage, the web is being used predominantly be these devices.  What that means, is you need a website that adapts to your user (responsive), regardless of how they reached your site.  Additionally, Google recently changed their search algorithms to negatively impacts sites in their search results, when sites are not responsive.


Website Re-Design

Does your website feel dated? Do you cringe whenever you see it?  Want to add a shopping cart to your site?  Just like everything in life, whether it be your home or your personal appearance, it needs to be updated from time to time. A re-design of your website can help reinvigorate interest and give your company the modern and fresh look that gives you an edge in the online world!


Content Management (CMS)

Your site will be created / re-created using one of the industries most proven and flexible platforms (WordPress).  This allows anyone with no knowledge of HTML or coding to easily edit pictures / videos / verbiage at anytime, anywhere. Periodically, when a modification or change is a little too daunting  or beyond your knowledge, you can simply call upon us to perform the work for you. If you’re interested in an online storefront, we also create highly manageable and easy to work with e-commerce shopping carts.


Domain Registration & Renewal


Tired of trying to figure out your domains and ensuring they get paid every year?  We take the risk out of wondering and guarantee your domains are properly renewed so you avoid potentially losing them forever!

Search Engine Optimization


Successful websites have high traffic and targeted visitors. We specialize in getting the right people to your website through Search Engine Optimization (SEO

Social Media Management


Managing social media can be a chore, albeit, a chore than can pay off for your business, so it’s must in today’s technological age.  We custom tailor social media packages to get your business out in and front of even more potential customers.

Virtual Privates ServersCan you get hosting for $5 a month at Godaddy? SURE!


Our hosting services provide a powerful and secure solution. Your site will load faster and properly, every time, at all times.  Additionally, your site is routinely backed up, providing even more peace of mind.

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